What The Fans Have to Say

“The landscape of social media changes so rapidly.  Trying to stay on top of all the latest shifts was taking countless hours away from where my focus needed to be: producing an online magazine.  I was getting so wrapped up in thinking about the content for Instagram that I was neglecting the very thing I was trying to build.

Lisi’s knowledge and expertise allowed my project to have a presence on Instagram and grow the community so I could focus on the work I needed to do on my site. 

 Lisi is a true creative partner and problem solver.  She was able to create beautiful graphics, brainstorm content ideas, and keep an eye on the analytics to see what was resonating with our audience and what wasn't engaging. 

In this rapidly shifting world of social media, Lisi was able to give me not only the peace of mind I needed as a publisher, but the strategy to have lasting impact.”

Jennifer Cooper

Editor & Creator, jennifer magazine @jennifer_magazine

"I worked with Lisi to gain momentum for my social media presence on Instagram. I own a dental office in Maryland and wanted to convey the modern and comfortable feel of my office to local Instagram users.

Lisi did a great job listening to what I was trying to accomplish and putting a plan in place to achieve it. Lisi was always very responsive during the whole process and would always double check with me on my comfort level or permission to do anything prior to doing it.

Lisi is very easy to work with, always responded to emails right away, she had creative ideas for how and when to post content and she always checked in to see what I thought of content/ideas.

She did a great job getting me to think in terms of what Instagram and its users are looking for and what they are interested in seeing.

Overall, our Instagram presence has increased significantly and I even had a handful of people/patients say to me “I see you a lot on Instagram now!” 

Lisi really goes above and beyond with everything!"

Dr. Michael Rosen

The Center of Dentistry Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland @centerofdentistry

"Lisi is a top-notch coach who goes over and above for her clients.  

She has helped to guide my business at a critical time and she came up with some incredibly creative ideas for growth.

I can’t recommend her services enough.  

She is so nice in addition to being skilled and talented."

Susan Kanoff

Business Owner, @themidlifefashionista

"What began with Lisi as a basic Instagram project quickly turned into a broader social media plan including brand awareness and development and much more.

Lisi was quick to understand what the brand is, its origins, who is behind the brand and from there she has helped us strategize and formulate a sound plan of where we are heading.

Lisi has become a trusted advisor that we can count on. She has an eye for detail both visually and conceptually, whether it be planning or reading the playing field when it comes to client relationships.

Bottom line, the more we work with Lisi the more we realize that we want her involved in additional avenues of growth and development because she just gets us.

I would highly recommend L Studio Media to any company looking to positively impact their sales, social media, client outreach or brand awareness."

Danny Ambalu

Jewelry Store Owner, @ambalujewelers

"I have known Lisi personally for over a decade.

As a friend she has always been a go-to for my questions for all things social media. I would often send her drafts of my blog posts, articles, artist statement and bios seeking her input. She helped me edit my work and always helped me hone my thoughts and ideas.

It truly was a no brainer for me to hire her to manage my email marketing as well as to review and draft my artist statements for work. Lisi always know how to convey my thoughts in a succinct way.

It is a pleasure to work with her and I would whole heartedly recommend L Studio Media for any one needing expertise in social media including IG and LinkedIn as well as copy drafting for emails and other materials."

Monica Shulman

Artist, @monicashulman

"I always look forward to my 1:1 sessions with Lisi. We have a lot of fun brainstorming together.

Lisi is so creative and really helps tap into different ways I can up my game with content and brand growth.

She has a deep understanding for how social media works and the best ways to maximize what you're putting out there.

I have already seen growth after working with her for just a short period of time."

Michele Cohen

Lifestyle Blogger @theblondehostess

I’m working with Lisi to promote my construction company on social media and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.  Lisi is very responsive, I always know I will hear back in a reasonable amount of time.

She is very reliable, she does everything she says she will, is always on time for appointments and most importantly, on time with posts. Lisi is very creative in both image editing and copy-writing. 

She makes good suggestions and at the same time is not pushing her vision. I would definitely recommend L Studio Media to my friends and family because the response I'm getting from my social media is steadily increasing.

Lisi supports me more than I even expected. She takes care of all the social media, no fuss, always on time and with good taste. The successes I can attribute to my work with L Studio Media is growth, brand awareness, sales, new connections, confidence and stress relief!"


Owner of Construction Company, Canada

"Lisi guided me to have a stronger social media presence. I am incredibly grateful for her expertise and coaching as I would have no idea how to properly use social media for my business without her knowledge.

She taught me everything: creating a bio that gets noticed, how to use hashtags to generate more clicks, geotagging, etc.

There is so much to learn and Lisi has taken my business to the next level!"


Interior Designer

"Lisi's services boosted my social media exposure 10X.  She broke down the approach into a simple, easy to understand process. 

She really has it down to a science; every week at the same time, we have a quick, efficient discussion about the upcoming week.  She comes prepared without wasting a minute. 

She's really built out an online presence for me, so I can focus on the core of my business.  It's been an incredible experience that I recommend to any business owner looking to expand."


Recruiter in Technology Field

"Lisi, thank you SO much for all of your help and insight into growing my brand and improving my social media accounts!

Your strategies have already enabled me to reach a wider audience and for that I’m so grateful!!

Thanks for being so awesome!!"

Stephanie Bruck

Tie Dye Clothing, Balloons & Decorative Lawn Signs @roslynbala

"Lisi provided me with a very thorough social media audit. Her ideas have helped me grow my following as well as engagement.

I highly recommend her as a go to for social media!"

Cara D'Orazio

Virtual Fitness Trainer @c.g.m_fitness

"Your audit has been so helpful!

It’s going to be my Instagram handbook from now on."

Elise Thompson

Jewelry Designer @mejiajewelry

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